Saturday, 15 August 2015


Useful classroom language for teachers:

Hurrying up the final activity:                                                                                                          
  • Five minutes left, so just two minutes for the last activity/ question/ test.
  • One minute! …….. Thirty seconds!.........ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, stop.
  • Just finish the sentence/ question/ word and put your pens down.

Packing up/ finishing the last activity:
  • Hello students this is your pack up time now, put your books, notebooks, pencils, geometry box, lunch box, in your bags. Nothing should be out of bag, taking your water bottle with you.

Tiding up/ putting the room back in order:
  • ·         Can I have all the note books/ diaries/ dictionaries/colours.  Saleem/  ---------- Please collect all the notebooks/ diaries/ tests and submit to me in staffroom/ office.
  • ·         Always leave your class/library/ laboratory in a better condition for next class/ tomorrow.
  • ·         Make sure you all have put the rubbish in the bin as you leave the class.
  • ·         Last person to leave the class should turn all the fans, lights off and shut the door.
  • ·         Can you go back to your original places/ put your chairs and desks back where they were.
  • ·         Students you have to be careful about schools property do not pull off the paint from the walls.
  • ·         Don’t scratch the furniture and walls; don’t make pictures or draw lines on the walls.
  • ·         Make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.
  • ·         Whose book/ eraser/ ruler/ pencil box/ pouch/ coat/ socks /cap/ scarf/ tie/ is this.

No time to stop:
  • ·         Wait a minute/ Just hold on a moment/ Hang on a moment/ Just a moment, please/ Just a second/ wait for a minute.
  • ·         This isn’t appropriate place for you to stand, go over there and never stay there for the next time.
  • ·         Where are you going? Why are you roaming over here? What are you doing over here for a long time? Why are you wasting your time? Hurry up; go back to your class.
  • ·         Whose period is there in your class? Call your teacher, maybe she is busy in another class.
  • ·         Why have you packed your bags earlier today?
  • ·         Still there are fifteen minutes, Ok let’s play a game/ do an activity. why have you packed your bags?

Nearly time to stop:
  • ·         Five minutes to the end of test, if anyone has finished earlier he can leave/ please sit quietly and wait for others to stop.
  • ·         We don’t have time to discuss irrelevant things, we’ll just do this exercise/ line/ section.

Time to stop:
  • ·         That’s all for today. It’s almost time to stop. I’m afraid it’s time to finish now. We’ll have to stop here.  Make lines and go out of your classes silently. Don’t break lines and make noise while crossing the hallways and walking through the corridors.
  • ·         That’s the end of the test. Pens and pencils down please. Make sure you have written your name on the top of the page. Saleem / Naila take a round and collect tests from all the students.

Summarizing and reviewing the class:
  • ·         You’ve done really well today.
  • ·         Sorry we didn’t have time for role play today/ a free speaking activity/ so we’ll do it next day/ week.
  • ·         I am giving you three minutes to review all the learnt things of the day. After this time you would be summarizing the learnt things of the day.

Feedback on the lesson:
  • ·         Did you have fun today?
  • ·         Was today’s lesson different from previous lessons?
  • ·         Do you feel like improved?
  • ·         Do you need any more practice?

Talking about the next lesson:
  • ·         We’ll do the rest of this chapter/ lesson/unit next time.
  • ·         We’ll finish this exercise in next lesson.
  • ·         We’ll continue this lesson next Monday.
  • ·         I hope we’ll be starting next lesson/ chapter/ exercise from coming Monday.
  • ·         It’s been mainly grammar today, so next week we’ll do more skills/ work/ vocabulary/ speaking.
  • ·         Which is the next lesson?
  • ·         Students we’ll be having role play/ science experiment/ experiment of this lesson tomorrow/ next week/ Monday.

Homework/ Extra work/ preparing for the next lesson, and self-study:
  • ·         For homework please/ I’d like you to collect home work/ can you please collect home wrok.…….
  • ·         Students you have to do your home work regularly.
  • ·         I am giving you one more chance to complete your home work.
  • ·         Your break is off; complete your remaining work in break time.
  • ·         Your home work is not tidy and complete; you should do your home work neatly and try to do your complete home work for the next time.
  • ·         Home work means gradual progress, improvement; your home is neither showing progress nor any kind of improvement.
  • ·         Students you should be doing your home work with full concentration.
  • ·         As it is long holiday, I am giving you test for Monday.
  • ·         This homework is a bit difficult/ long, so I am giving you two more days to complete this work.

Last day of the weak:
  • ·         Does anyone know the weather forecast for tomorrow?
  • ·         Apart from your studies what are your plans for this weekend.
  • ·         Students you should plan your weekends, do something separate on your weekends/ give surprise to your family members/ complete remaining home work/ ask your parents to take you some nearer spot for recreation/ plan your lunch on a healthy place.

End of the Lesson:
  • ·         Saleem/ Naila/ Saima/ Jamil your English has really improved in this week and you have made really ample/ enough practice this week. Well-done you are improving. Keep it up.
  • ·         Students It was really pleasure teaching you, did you enjoy role play and activities of this lesson?
  • ·         This is the new way of teaching and learning English, we’ll be studying our next lessons with fun and full of activities.

Final Greetings:
  • ·         Good bye/ Bye, bye/ see you tomorrow/next week/ after vacations.
  • ·         See you later
  • ·         Take care of you and your family
  • ·         Obey your parents/ do the assigned home work.
  • ·         Don’t roam aimlessly and purposelessly.
  • ·         Never go anywhere without permission of your parents.

Note:  When I say ‘goodbye/ Allah Hafiz everyone’, you have to say ‘Goodbye/ Allah Hafiz teacher, goodbye everyone. I’ll say ‘you can go now’, and you have to say ‘Thank you, teacher’. You can leave then, but quietly of course. Okay, let’s practice a couple of times.
Goodbye everyone….’ 

General School Information Instructions for leaving:
  • ·         Collect all the material from your tables, pencils, pens,  water bottles and geometry box.
  • ·         Don’t forget your tie/ coat/ sweater.
  • ·         Try not to make any noise as you leave/ no shouting/  no speaking in the corridor.
  • ·         Students you have to be in time to school regularly.
  • ·         Line up for leaving drill. Today’s question is ‘Can you guess how many fingers?’
  • ·         ‘Get into/ form a queue and wait for the bell.’
  • ·         ‘Be quiet as you leave. There shouldn’t be any noise while you are crossing rest of the classes.
  • ·         Remember how much trouble you created last week for making noise in the corridors.
  • ·         Does everyone know that you are not allowed to leave the school until your van/ driver/ parents come?
  • ·         Do you know where emergency exit is?
  • ·         I’m afraid I don’t have time to answer extra questions today, if necessary you can see me in staffroom I’ll solve your problem. ( I’ll try to arrive early for the next period and answer your question)

As they are leaving:
  • ·         See you tomorrow/on Monday/ next week/ after the holidays/ later.
  • ·         Enjoy your vacations/ break.
  • ·         Have a good time in………………….
  • ·         Have a good weekend, you too.
  • ·         Have a good holiday.
  • ·         Do go somewhere? Have a nice trip in your vacations.
  • ·         Catch you later.
  • ·         Take care.